Adventures of Tom Tomiczky (World Premiere)
Screening Time : 29/10/2011, 6pm
30/10/2011, 2pm
4-5/11/2011, 6pm
Venue : Future Cinema Studio (M6094), L6
Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tamas Waliczky

Hungary/2011/41mins/Colour/English without subtitles

There is a space existing amidst the realms of dream and reality, where the line between what is virtual and actual blur. This is where Tom Tomiczky travels. With no destination, it is the journey itself that matters and his story is never-ending. He is a hero of a variety of tales: some poetic, others surreal, others burlesque or dreadful. These adventures take him far and wide, speeding away from Monte Carlo in a car; strolling along the banks of the Danube, dodging the trees and lampposts that jump out of nowhere; waving to himself across a crowded street; encounters in Venice and Japan.

Four years in the making, and a labour of love for Hungarian director Tamas Waliczky, this 41 minute animated piece is seemingly autobiographical in nature. Working via email with numerous collaborators from overseas to whom he gave free artistic reign, the creative process was as adventurous as the hero’s tales; an organic method with no time frame or story board. In this film Waliczky has created an alternative, and distinct aesthetic, one that reveals how poetic, mysterious and humorous the modern world can be.

About the Artist

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1959, Tamas Waliczky made his first animated film at the age of nine. With experience in painting, illustrating, photography and filmmaking, it was in 1983 that he began working in “new media” using computers. Since then he has won the prestigious Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica in 1989 and participated in major exhibitions all over the world including at Pompidou Centre and the Ludwig Museum in Budapest.

He was artist-in-residence at the ZKM Institute for Visual Media in Karlsruhe and IAMAS in Gifu, Japan. Prior to joining CityU School of Creative Media in 2010 he was Professor at HBK Saar, Saarbrucken, and FH Mainz.

*There will be a 30-minute discussion with the director after each screening.

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