La Dispersion Du Fils
Date : 12 – 25/4/2012
(Closed on Sunday)
Time : 12 - 8pm
Venue : L8, CMC Run Run Shaw Gallery
Free admission.
Opening Reception

Date : 11/4/2012
Time : 6:15pm – 8:15pm
Venue : Staff Common Room (M8061), L8


Jean Michel Bruyère 

Conceived with and for the AVIE system that offers an active immersion of the audience in a 360 panoramic stereographic video environment, La Dispersion du Fils extends the experiences conducted by Jean Michel Bruyère and LFKs around the Tragedy of Actaeon since 1999. It proposes to enter in the stomach of Harpyia, one of the fifty hounds of Actaeon, just after that the hunter who found naked Diana bathing had been killed, scattered and devoured by his own horde, as he was confounded with the prey. For the audience La Dispersion du Fils is an endless journey in a half- organic, half-cosmic world, perpetually shaken and changing, only constituted by the chaos of the memory-images of Actaeon, as the enraged dog is filled with them and run an errand in the Canicula. Even though La Dispersion du Fils is made only from films and filmed images, there was no shooting, as it exploits almost all the films that Jean Michel Bruyère has conceived and directed for LFKs on the tragedy of Actaeon in the last ten years. A great amount of footage has however been re-edited for the occasion by Delphine Varas with a new soundtrack created by Thierry Arredondo, and here are more than 500 films that constitute the material of La Dispersion du Fils, organized in canine intestines, in sidereal beast, and in asteroid rain by Matthew MacGinity, who was the software engineer of the AVIE system.

About the Artist

Jean Michel Bruyère lives and works in Dakar as filmmaker, director, writer, sculptor, photographer and graphic artist. He is founding and artistic director of "la fabriks" [Groupe d‘Intervention Artistique Internationale – international artists intervention group], and director of the art school "Ecole d’art Man-Keneen-Ki" in Dakar. Bruyère teaches at different institutions, and has realised several works, partly commisioned by institutions in France and Germany. He is the founder and director of the recent LFK 1314, Electronic Theater of Marseille.