Sustainable Cinema
Date : 29/10/2011 - 26/11/2011
(Closed on Sunday)
Time : 12 - 8pm
Venue : L1 and CMC Gallery, L3
Free admission.

Artist: Scott Hessels
Mechanical Engineering: Bok Chian Check
Illustrator: Chen Fu Rong
Project Manager: Martin Siaw

As an artist who mixes cinema with emerging technologies, Scott Hessels often focuses on the physical properties of generating the moving image. This has led to the creation of Sustainable Cinema, an on-going series of kinetic public sculptures that merge natural power sources with perceptual illusions to create moving images. This series of artworks considers natural and organic materials replacing components of the moving image apparatus, as if cinema had continued to evolve with sustainable elements instead of being co-opted by the industrial and digital ages.

The Praxinoscope Windmill

The 19th century Praxinoscope consisted of a circular beveled mirror reflecting a series of animation frames. When the device is spun, a moving image appears on the mirror. Using wind as the power and a structure that references the Eiffel Tower (built the same time as the invention of the device), the animation appears in the base of the windmill and is completely controlled by the speed and direction of the wind.

Shadow Play

The silhouettes of the ancient art of Shadow Play are achieved by light penetrating a translucent screen, and this sculpture uses the rotation of the windmill as the power to generate the backlight for the presentation. Additionally, the wind turns a series of gears and plates that animate the puppets and move a background diorama to create a one-minute shadow theatre performance.

Dual Windmill

This sculpture is based on an optical illusion in which two disks rotate in opposite directions; the front disk is black with slits that act as a shutter, the rear disk contains the animation frames. When the disks spin, the animation is visible. In this artwork, one windmill fan is black, the other contains 18 frames of animation. As the wind spins, the film is visible in the intersection of the two fans.

About the Artist

Scott Hessels is a filmmaker, sculptor and media artist who explores new relationships between the moving image and the environment. His artworks span several different media including film, video, web, music, broadcast, print, kinetic sculpture, and performance. His films have shown in numerous international film festivals and his installations have been presented in exhibitions around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, CiberArt in Bilbao, Ars Electronica, The Ford Presidential Museum, SIGGRAPH, ISEA, and Japan's Media Art Festival. His work is featured in several books on new media art as well as magazines like Wired and Discover. His recent projects have mixed film with sensors, robotics, GPS systems, and alternative forms of interactivity and have included partnerships with NASA, The Federal Aviation Administration, Nokia among others. He is Associate Professor at CityU School of Creative Media.

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