Message from the President
The opening of the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre is a cause for celebration for City University of Hong Kong (CityU). This landmark building epitomises the leading role the University plays in education for creative media and communication professionals in support of Hong Kong’s economic development.

Designed by the world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind, the Centre puts CityU in that worldwide league of institutions that possesses truly inspiring architecture. The passion for creativity embodied in this building echoes our commitment to excellence in research and professional education.

The Centre is named after the internationally renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Run Run Shaw in appreciation of his generous donation to CityU. We are deeply grateful to Sir Run Run for his generosity and support for CityU’s strategic development over the years.

In addition to housing the School of Creative Media, the Centre also plays host to the Department of Computer Science, Department of Media and Communication, Department of English and Centre for Applied Computing and Interactive Media. The building, with its inviting exhibition space on the top floor, is set to become an international meeting point for scholars, professionals and the community, promoting inter-disciplinary exchange, research and synergistic collaboration.

We have no doubt that the Centre will bring CityU one step closer to realising its strategic vision as a leading global university and spearheading change in Asia that will support social and economic advancement.

Professor Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor
City University of Hong Kong

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Message from Daniel Libeskind
The CMC is an expressive building in which the unexpected is created by bold simple and spatial forms. Functionality is the basis of the building’s organisation, but the deliberate order of the CMC is supported by an open and liberating matrix. Spaces have been created which allow for public discourse and performance while at the same time providing intimate and personal environments for study and teaching.

The building is a crisscross of the horizontal and vertical. Horizontally it is a landscape of space. Vertically it is a landscape of light. The form of the building ascends obliquely capturing the creative spirit and intensity of Hong Kong. Perhaps the most striking interior feature is the central staircase and the interactive social spaces it creates. I have dubbed it the “Stair of Imagination” whose possibilities promote both the deliberate and spontaneous life of the centre.

From the large sound stages to the very intimate individual study areas the building provides cultural and educational spaces that in their visibility converse with each other. With its dynamic form and soaring energy its place in Kowloon and in Hong Kong tells a story of the future of the creative spirit.

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Message from the Festival Director
Almost four years in the making, the much-anticipated Creative Media Centre is Hong Kong’s newest architectural icon. It is a visionary initiative by the City University of Hong Kong, and tour de force by architect Daniel Libeskind, Students, staff and members of the public will now bring this extraordinary building to life as they work, learn and play together in its inspiring spaces.

The Grand Opening Festival of the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre gives us the opportunity to profile CityU’s creativity and internationalism through a series of world-class events, performances, exhibitions and symposia. It will help link the university and the wider community, enabling a new level of public outreach that is afforded by the Centre’s dynamic architecture and its exceptional state-of-the-art facilities.

A broad spectrum of events convey the excitement of this momentous occasion in ways that are artistically inspiring, thought provoking and entertaining. This is made possible thanks to the commitment of CityU, the great talent of the many contributors, the tireless efforts of CityU staff and technicians, and the lively engagement of its students.

This festival will be the first of many such engagements, establishing the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre as a major creative nexus for Hong Kong and a forum for on-going local and international exchange. CityU’s program of innovation and discovery and its commitment to the social, cultural and economic advancement of Hong Kong in a global context, finds full expression in this exceptional building and the creative endeavours of its stakeholders and students.

Jeffrey Shaw
Dean, School of Creative Media

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School of Creative Media

Responding to the technological, social and environmental challenges of the 21st century the creative media is a catalyst for new synergies across the sciences, arts, and humanities, and creativity is recognised as being a cornerstone of Hong Kong's social, cultural and economic advancement.

At CityU's School of Creative Media, students from home and abroad encounter opportunities afforded by digital media technologies, and their intellectual, artistic and technical skills are honed so that they can take positions of creative leadership in society. This mission is supported by state-of-the-art facilities in one of the world’s most outstanding works of architecture. Through mentoring by a global and internationally renowned faculty, hands-on creativity is combined within a theoretical framework to give students the inspiration and competence to become critical innovators.

The CityU School of Creative Media is forging a new generation of leaders and professionals. Art, design, entertainment, industry, education and training are some of the domains where the potentialities of new media are being discovered and creatively shaped by our graduates, constituting its essential value to society.

Department of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science was founded in 1984, and has established itself as one of the top 50 leading computer science departments in the world that excel in both teaching and research. One of our strategies for academic development has been to explore interdisciplinary cooperative study programmes and research projects. The BSc in Creative Media is a pioneering joint programme with the School of Creative Media aimed to train technically savvy professionals for the creative media industry. With the establishment of the Computer Science laboratories and office facilities in the multimedia computing area of the Creative Media Centre, the department commits to further its efforts in interdisciplinary education and research at the juncture of computing and creative media.

As our society evolves in the information and knowledge age, more of our time is being spent on entertainment and interaction. Increasingly, such activities involve interactions among humans and machines in complex ways and, in many cases, in collaborative manners. Department of Computer Science plans to facilitate research and development in these important areas by building up and enriching its laboratories and experimental classrooms in the new building. These laboratories will also provide an integrative environment for research results generated by Department of Computer Science and others in digital entertainment technology, high speed multimedia networks, pervasive and mobile computing and related areas. The synergy with other resident units of the building will be exploited to further strengthen the Creative Media Centre as a hub for interdisciplinary studies and research in technology and arts.

Department of English

The Department of English at City University of Hong Kong has an international faculty with teachers from Asia, Australia, Britain, Europe, Hong Kong, mainland China, New Zealand, and the US. The department has an outstanding research and publications record and is a leading centre for English studies in Asia. Courses in our department are designed to be challenging and intellectually stimulating, with programmes in language, literature and creative writing. The department is dynamic and innovative, and, over the coming years, the department aims to become a key educational hub for courses in cinema, cultural studies, and drama, as well as for its already established programmes in linguistics and literature. The department is very excited at the prospect of moving to the Creative Media Centre, and benefiting from the synergies that come with such a superb building peopled by such creative educators.

Department of Media and Communication

Standing at the forefront of technological change, the Department of Media and Communication at the City University of Hong Kong provides leadership in media education. It has an outstanding team of scholars and educators who offer an innovative curriculum in a cutting-edge new omni-media environment.

Teaching and research feature an integrated and inter-compatible digital multimedia platform. The curriculum emphasises infusing new media skills into all courses. Students are expected to be versatile across journalism, digital broadcasting and television, public relations and advertising. They are equipped with the knowledge, sound judgment and skills critical to their professional development in the age of media convergence and information integration.

Privileged to be housed in the landmark Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, the department has invested $40 million into its most advanced technological infrastructure. It has established close cooperation with major media organisations. The student-run CTV, the only high-definition campus TV in Hong Kong, produces highly acclaimed news reports and documentaries. Students take internships with the industry and participate in the in-house production of iCom Times (an e-magazine), iCom Radio and advertisements. Data-mining and eye-tracking labs enhance teaching and research.

The department was ranked No. 1 in communication/media research according to the most recent Research Assessment Exercise conducted by the Hong Kong Government's Research Grants Committee. The Centre for Communication Research is internationally recognised.

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